FSB panel: Pandemic has become “a real leveller” between fans and players

FSB panel: Pandemic has become “a real leveller” between fans and players

By Tim Poole

Kevin Dale, CEO, Faraway Sports, says the current coronavirus pandemic has brought sports fans and athletes closer together.

It’s a concept which has helped FSB’s Remote Darts League (RDL) succeed, according to Dale, who helped the supplier with the project.

Speaking at the SBC Digital Summit alongside FSB CEO Dave McDowell and CTO Sam Lawrence, Dale said: «The pandemic is a real leveller, particularly between fans and players.

«Fans for the first time can see into players’ homes, so it brings everybody closer.

«We’re all in the same boat and we were able to capitalise on that with some fan competitions at the end, with the winner being able to play against a pro on finals night from their own home.

«Players, organisers and fans are that much closer together now.»

Moving forward, Dale and FSB have plans to expand the tournament while the current lockdown shows no signs of abating.

He added: «We’re moving now to Remote Darts League Two, with 16 players and some top lady players too.

«And we’re going worldwide this time, too. Logistically and technically, that will be slightly more problematic!»

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